My little experiment in tossing links out of the main blog didn't work out so hot. I like linking things, but I don't like the lazy feeling of stuff just showing up here at some point in the day.

If I could just edit and format my links for the day in a nice way I'd be much happier with them appearing inline.

So that's what I'm going to do. I built myself a little script in JavaScript that uses the JSON feed to generate a page where I can select which links I want to publish and then have them populate a simple unordered list which I can copy and paste into a new post:


Produces this (which I was able to edit a bit):

You can download the source here. Feel free to mess with it, it's a little messy and I haven't tested it on anything but Firefox. If you want to add to it and do cooler stuff with it, feel free. Public domain and stuff.

Trust me, the last thing you want is a blog all about how they should add calculators to kitchen timers (wtf?).



Why not just make each link it's own distinct post as you stumble on it, instead of doing periodic link dumps, whether they be manual or automatic? Is it the tyranny of the title field?

Andre Torrez

It's a number of things, but mainly it's that I want my bookmarks in, and not everything needs to have its own post.

Not every link I save is for sharing on my blog, sometimes it's something I want to read later, or just need to hold onto in case I decide to get into Python/Haskell/BerkeleyDB.

The tag system on is first rate, and the sharing of links and browsing other popular links is just too good to give up by throwing it in a blog post which I'll never be able to find again.


A vewy newbie question here.

Looks great - but how do I get access to the source code for my del links? when I click here:

I see your links pulled from your del. account. where do I create the link to my del account? or get the code to embed in my browser that links to my del account?


You probably already know about linkrolls on (, which doesn't do exactly what you've accomplished and might clutter up the sidebar of this nice clean layout... so why am I bothering to suggest it? It makes me feel smaaaht :-)

Also, yay for links!

Stefan Hayden

omg omg! this is awesome. I had worked on ways to post links to my blog and never found a solution I liked.

this is a such a great solution to including links but also being picky and wanting to edit them.

Andre Torrez

Hey md,

Save the page to a file on your computer. Open up the file in a text editor and change the line near the top that has my delicious user name in it to yours.

Then open the file in your browser and it should work.


thanks I had a suspicion that was the way to approach this. here are my results.

Since Google Pages is hard on scripts, I tried first your code 'as is" on yahoo pages:

Then I tried my string but got the blank page. This is what I put in place of your text:

I tried other strings:

and so on.....

I was able to use the link rolls on yahoo

(note the text editor in this blog may truncate some of my sample links)

For a lark I even tried:

it uses the following:;icon;name;showadd


thank you so much. that did the trick. I am fiddling to see if I can make the links appear alphabetically like the linkrolls since that's how my eye absorbs info. this is a wonderful tool.


In case you are interested, the page doesn't work in Safari. It's fine in FF for me, though.

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