Dooce took a trip back to L.A. recently and has been posting photos from her trip. As much as I enjoy living in San Francisco, walking to the train in the mornings as the sun comes up, or walking back to our apartment after a few glasses of beer without guilt, I will always like L.A. more.

I can't explain it to people who don't love Los Angeles, it's like trying to explain why Macs are superior or Jesus totally kicks ass. As irrational as it seems, it's just better.



I grew up in Los Angeles and don't really miss it that much anymore, though I still completely understand the feeling you describe. Aside from the fact that it is easy to not miss the obvious things like smog and being forced to think of your car as an extension of your body, I think I realized a couple of years ago that I don't really miss LA as much as I miss my *memory* of living in LA. A good number of my LA friends moved away and a lot of the landmarks I felt an affection for have been bulldozed and replaced with Jiffy Lubes and Target Superstores. What's more, *I'm* not the same. I've found that, after years of living in a seemingly infinite urban sprawl, I really enjoy metropolitan benefits like walking to the corner store for milk, being able to hail cabs, and drinking without having to gauge my ability to drive afterward.

I like your Mac analogy but, for me, LA is a G3 Powerbook. Cool at one time, but doesn't really fit into my life now and isn't as impressive as I remember.

I'll take your word on that Jesus bit, though.

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There are things I like about San Francisco, but I doesn't give me that feeling of home. I think that's ok.

Andre Torrez

Yeah, I think that's it. It's not home for me.

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