Stay Free asks, "Why Haven't More People Seen This Video?"

Let's change that.

Kevin Everett, is a Buffalo Bills player who was injured the first week of this football season. Doctors thought he was going to be paralyzed for life but miraculously he's been able to move his arms and legs. They've even optimistically put him on injured reserve.

That's all back-story to introduce a particularly funny mixup in the newsroom.

Today is such a dreary day in Sausalito, the clouds have rolled in and there are intermittent showers—I love it. It's perfect weather for being indoors today.

Here's some links:

Weird. An toolbar app I wrote (at the suggestion of Jason) just showed up on Web Worker Daily. I haven't owned a Windows computer almost as long as that's been out, which was 2002.

I probably could have milked that app a bit, but I've always shied away from charging for stuff which should just be free. When Firefox debuted with built-in search, I switched to it and forgot about Nutshell.

I have the problem where if something seems obvious and simple, I think it should just be free for the taking. Add to that the fact I refer to it as "a problem" and I'm sure there's a whole mess of missed opportunities in my past projects.

A bear was walking across Rainbow Bridge (Old Hwy 40 at Donner Summit, Truckee) on Saturday when two cars also crossing the bridge scared the bear into jumping over the edge of the bridge. Great story, there are photos.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 35. Good bye 18-34, hello 35-I don't even know what—something old.

In my final act as a member of the coveted 18-34 year old demographic I have a small confession to make: I stayed up an extra 30 minutes last night so I could find a pair of shoes my skater wears in a video game I'm playing.

(By the way, I found them, but they're sold out. I'm going to be so proud the day my kids find this post.)

I think this theory is true. If it's not true, it seems to be true for a lot of artists.

Here's hoping I didn't blow my wad on that infamous story that's no longer on this site.

Which Bay Area-based, technology-oriented company with a hip-yet-geeky staff has made a point of serving local, organically grown food since 1997?.

$4 a meal. found on

I spent about an hour last night trying to perform a combo in skate. called "Manny Madness". A whole hour! I'd only put up with a skateboarding game for an hour like that, just as I did back when I used to actually skate. I'd spend hours trying one trick and sometimes days until I was able to do it, once I figured it out then I'd spend another couple of days trying to tweak it out in some way.

Amber was cheering me on when I finally did it: ollie from an odd angled ramp onto a box, manual across the narrow box, ollie a gap, and then manual across a second box to the end.

In case anyone else is searching how to do it here are three tips:

  1. Practice ollie-to-manuals to ollie-to-manuals on flat land until they're so dialed it's second nature.
  2. Don't accept the default start location, reposition yourself a bit to the left and further back to get speed and an angle. Drop a session marker so you can restart there over and over.
  3. Try to land as straight as possible to maintain speed. The hardest part about doing this trick is doing the second ollie to manual. It helps to be going fast and straight when you land.

You should also practice the trick a few times without the manuals just to get the right angle.

I saw this story about a photo used in a Virgin Mobile ad that acquired a photo from a Flickr user. The photo in question has now been switched to a strict copyright, but it previously existed with a Creative Commons license that permitted commercial use.

Outside of a model release, I think it's interesting to see a mostly clueful company "linking back" to the Flickr source in their ad per the CC license, and lawyers and Flickr license grantors mostly clueless about what that license means.