I spent about an hour last night trying to perform a combo in skate. called "Manny Madness". A whole hour! I'd only put up with a skateboarding game for an hour like that, just as I did back when I used to actually skate. I'd spend hours trying one trick and sometimes days until I was able to do it, once I figured it out then I'd spend another couple of days trying to tweak it out in some way.

Amber was cheering me on when I finally did it: ollie from an odd angled ramp onto a box, manual across the narrow box, ollie a gap, and then manual across a second box to the end.

In case anyone else is searching how to do it here are three tips:

  1. Practice ollie-to-manuals to ollie-to-manuals on flat land until they're so dialed it's second nature.
  2. Don't accept the default start location, reposition yourself a bit to the left and further back to get speed and an angle. Drop a session marker so you can restart there over and over.
  3. Try to land as straight as possible to maintain speed. The hardest part about doing this trick is doing the second ollie to manual. It helps to be going fast and straight when you land.

You should also practice the trick a few times without the manuals just to get the right angle.



This and p-rod's hubba stumped me for a long time, now rob & big are holding me captive. But I dig that you actually have to learn something to beat the challenges, rather than just jamming on buttons faster than last time.
If only the photog would stop screaming at me every time I miss a trick.

Andre Torrez

For p-rod's hubba, be sure you're doing a 360 flip, not rotating 360º. Check the trick book. I only realized my mistake after too many attempts that he wasn't asking for a 360º body rotation.


manny madness kicked my butt for awhile. i wound up doing pretty much the same thing that you did: backup up to the wall, although i shifted a bit right so i could hit the ramp a little more straight on. i can't even count the times that i manualed the first box fine, but couldn't straighten out in time and wound up grinding the 2nd box over and over.

i finally got a cover and got to the x-games last night! i then spent untold hours trying to get the vid challenge of the 24 foot jump, 4k points and grind/flip/manual. i wound up using the megaramp, doing a simple grab and another off the halfpipe for the jump+points, and then scooted through the halfpipe tunnel to get to one of those funboxes to get the grind/flip/manny. now to get to danny way's megacomplex....

oh, and my first and only video upload:


24ft jump go to the sewers jump the dam hit the ramp.

yea im doing this right now and i cant get enough air for the second box when i do i grind it grrr.


HA! This is sooo cool! The best way that I just discovered to do this is set yourself up like the first post suggests. As you launch off the ramp into the first box/manual, slide your index finger to the top of the right analog stick and hold the bottom with your thumb as you manual across the first box. By the time you do this, you're close to the egde. Simply ollie to the next box and because you can have better control with the manual action (slightly below or above the default position of the analog contoller), you can nail the second manual on the second box a billion times easier.iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


I just started playing the game about a week or two weeks ago. Just got to Manny Madness. Actually, I avoided this one as long as possible since my first try was a disaster!
I still haven't gotten it down, but I did learn quickly to come in from a different angle. I just can't get down that manual-ollie-manual.
I wonder if it would be better to nose manny on the second box...


Just nailed Rob & Big's challenge - http://skate.share.ea.com/profiles/34769/posts/682226.aspx


just got the game a few days ago... this was one of the more... shall we say.. "frustrating", ones. Lol. Managed to get it with a manual-ollie-manual. At least it wasnt as bad as the nollie 360 flip to grind!



This one was a bitch for me too. Found it was easier to NOLLIE off the crooked ramp thing into a manual then ollie into a nose manual. The nollie makes the first manual go more straighter :P. Rob and Big r kickin my ass tho lol. Gonna try jumping on the bench then setting a marker...cheating, I know :|

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