I would like an RSS reader with a button that says "Gimme 5" and it loads only five posts people with similar subscriptions are reading within the last 24 hours. Then as I read each one, they disappear so that I once again have a blank inbox which I can click "Gimme 5" or just go on to do something else.

Yes, I'm inventing a little treat dispenser, but dammit I need portions.



I just had the same idea. Actually I had a different idea but it was similarly motivated. I hate it when Bloglines is empty. Hate hate hate. So I envisioned some kind of feature that randomly presented posts from the archives of the blogs I subscribe to...forever. Combined with your Gimme 5 idea, we might have the perfect newsreader.

Andre Torrez

OH! Yeah, that's the other side of the problem, when you've read everything and caught up on everything and you want MORE but there is no more and you have to go do something else.


I want something similar for email, where I hit a button and get precisely _n_ emails that need a response (likely ten, in my preference).

When I'm done I leave. If I'm energetic, I get ten more; but never do I see 5,000, or what have you.

Please make your app, Mr. Torrez.

Ernie Oporto

Err. We've forgotten than RSS readers were supposed to help us get through stuff faster. The efficiency is there to let us get to other things. Those other things that we've been neglecting to do - remember those? An empty RSS reader is a sign from above that is it time to step away from the keyboard and do something else. At least for an hour.

But it sounds like something I could think of wedging into MonkeyChow given something like opml.org and technorati.com.

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