If you haven't read this post by Chris Anderson it's worth reading as well as the comments. It's sending little ripples around the web as it calls out certain PR people out for what they are: spammers.

Joshua agrees with Chris.

If you are sick of hearing about Portal, I am sorry, but here's an interview with Erik Wolpaw the writer of Portal. That's my last Portal link as far as you know. found on mihir.net

Near the bottom of this interview Trent Reznor admits to having been a member of OiNK.

Also from Neatorama: an excerpt from the book My Last Supper on Time's site where 50 chefs were asked about their last supper.

Mine would be a recipe my mom concocted for chicken. It's an adobo-like marinade that is a celebration of vinegar and spices. Filipinos love their vinegar. Yum.

Neat video of an insanely over-sized shotgun. found on neatorama

Ben Brown reveals a bit on how their point system worked (and didn't) on Consumating.

Points as currency always seemed too challenging to implement without a the checks and balances it'd require so I never did it on FP. Now I think it's too late. To focus on the points would change the way people interact with each other and the site.

I can't wait to see what else Ben writes in subsequent I Love My Chicken Wire Mommy Posts. It's a pretty interesting subject to me.

I was offered the chance to buy a Chumby in what they're calling the insider release phase of Chumby sales. I can't decide if I really want to get one. At just under $200 it seems like a very large expense for what would potentially be a second monitor on my desk.

If I'm not sitting at my desk at work I'm sitting on my couch with my laptop. And if I'm not at either of those places I surely will have my iTelephone on me. While I'd love to write something for it, I'd much rather take the new Leopard dev tools for a spin or work on some super-sekrit project of my own that I will own.

Plus there seems to be some kooky licensing issues with Chumby that seems to boil down to "I can only GPL my work or they own it". A Chumby right now seems like an extravagant attention sink with little reward.

I'm not much of a conference goer. I find web conferences terribly frustrating as I sit in my seat and think "I should be programming" or "In the time we all talked about this we could have pair programmed something interesting." Conferences in general just make me anxious.

But this conference titled The Traveling Box: Containers as a Global Icon of our Era fascinates me to no end. I would so go to that conference. It even includes a tour of San Pedro!

found on delicious/straup

Somonombitch. I could have used this guide to Belgian Beers like two weeks ago.

It's cool. I drank more than enough. Plus who wants to be the idiot at a bar with a book? found on Coudal

While packing for our trip I found my Lomo squashed between two books. I do carry an iPhone and can take thousands of 2MP photos, but I want another film camera simply because I still like using film. I enjoy taking a camera out specifically to go take photos, though, I'd happily switch to digital if I could find one as utilitarian and durable (mostly) as the Lomo. It just felt nice to use.

I would never drop $5k on this Leica, but I'd definitely go digital for something similar to that.

Related: Justin pointed me to the White Stripes branded Diana+ and Holga cameras. Eh?