While packing for our trip I found my Lomo squashed between two books. I do carry an iPhone and can take thousands of 2MP photos, but I want another film camera simply because I still like using film. I enjoy taking a camera out specifically to go take photos, though, I'd happily switch to digital if I could find one as utilitarian and durable (mostly) as the Lomo. It just felt nice to use.

I would never drop $5k on this Leica, but I'd definitely go digital for something similar to that.

Related: Justin pointed me to the White Stripes branded Diana+ and Holga cameras. Eh?



I think Olympus' Stylus series ought to suit your needs.

We have their old Olympus µ II from fifteen years ago and it still works great.

Andre Torrez

Yup. A friend is mailing me his Epic Stylus so we'll see how that works.

Sean M.

Just look around on craig's for a Pentax K1000 or spotmatic with the 50mm lens, together it should set you back about $75. It won't have a flash, but those built in flashes are awful anyway. I think it's exactly what you're looking for.

Andre Torrez

I'm looking for something that can slide in a coat pocket or inside of the front pocket of a bag.

Sean M.

Then it might not be exactly what you're looking for, but you should get one anyway!


Re: durable digital, maybe the Canon PowerShot G9? Or why not one of those spiffy digital Leica's, e.g. the LEICA D-LUX 3 (though most people agree the corresponding Panasonic version is just as good and a little cheaper). I'm still undecided by the way...


Unreleased, but coveted: Sigma DP-1

The sigma DP-1 is a full sensor camera in pocket sized package. 28mm fixed lens, which seems like a dealbreaker as i've gotten out of the habit of editing snapshots, but i think it will be a fun camera that will likely be too expensive for me (but no where near the price of the leica). Rumors put it out by the end of 2007.

The epic stylus is an awesome 35mm camera. I actually prefer the one without the zoom, as it is faster on the draw. I gave mine to a friend and wish I still had it.

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