I was offered the chance to buy a Chumby in what they're calling the insider release phase of Chumby sales. I can't decide if I really want to get one. At just under $200 it seems like a very large expense for what would potentially be a second monitor on my desk.

If I'm not sitting at my desk at work I'm sitting on my couch with my laptop. And if I'm not at either of those places I surely will have my iTelephone on me. While I'd love to write something for it, I'd much rather take the new Leopard dev tools for a spin or work on some super-sekrit project of my own that I will own.

Plus there seems to be some kooky licensing issues with Chumby that seems to boil down to "I can only GPL my work or they own it". A Chumby right now seems like an extravagant attention sink with little reward.

before this i wrote a conference i would attend after this i wrote points


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