I took this photo the other day while shopping on 24th St. in Noe. When I was younger I'd be too shy to ask for photos or approach people like that, but I gave him some money and asked him if it was cool and he said "sure!" and I snapped it.

A Blogger logo in the wild is notable to me because something like 8 years ago I saw someone wearing a Blogger shirt in Marina del Rey and didn't approach them. I always regretted that because anyone in '99 or '00 who had heard of Blogger back then was probably a pretty cool person to know. I was far too shy and simply went back to my office and IM'd Matt Haughey who was still working at Blogger to let him know I saw someone wearing a Blogger shirt. (Well it was a big deal to me, I dunno if Matt remembers, maybe he was at KnowNow?)

The Blogger shirt is a little symbolic of that part of me that doesn't want to bother people, doesn't want to introduce himself, or bug anyone. So when I saw that guy I immediately walked over and introduced myself.

And Blogger the application is symbolic of the "oversharing Andre" it let me be that was in such contrast to the "undersharing Andre" that I was in real life.

before this i wrote needs for sale! after this i wrote chip kidd on kindle


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