Can I just say the second most exciting thing happening a week from now is me wearing my fancy new suit? If I could wear it every day to work I would. The list looks like this:

  1. Marrying Amber Costley.
  2. Wearing mah suit.
  3. Fiji.
  4. Packing for a trip and not taking a coat. None!

You will likely want to subscribe to Dark Roasted Blend. Updates are curated with such care, and contain a number of parts that add to a single theme. I keep it in my "lotstosee" folder that I read while drinking my morning coffee.

That's where I found this excellent bit of video. A guy tearing the shit out of the buildings of people he had beef with with a tank-like conversion he built.

The last post reminded me: Did I mention Amber and I are getting married in a few weeks? People have been asking about our registry and I'm happy to say "we ain't got one." We already have too much crap, and asking for more crap when you already have crap is a bit selfish. So we decided to just ask people donate to City of Hope.

If you've ever felt like there weren't any trustworthy charities (are you really buying a cow, a future cow, or the idea of a cow?), you can trust City of Hope. Here's more on what they have done. There's even more on Wikipedia outlining their contributions to the medical community and the different ways in which they provide medical care and support.

All this consumerism got you down? People are pledging online to buy handmade items, and requesting others do for them as well.

If that's your thing go for it. Hand-written checks is about as far as I will go down that road.

Chip Kidd on the new Kindle.

I took this photo the other day while shopping on 24th St. in Noe. When I was younger I'd be too shy to ask for photos or approach people like that, but I gave him some money and asked him if it was cool and he said "sure!" and I snapped it.

A Blogger logo in the wild is notable to me because something like 8 years ago I saw someone wearing a Blogger shirt in Marina del Rey and didn't approach them. I always regretted that because anyone in '99 or '00 who had heard of Blogger back then was probably a pretty cool person to know. I was far too shy and simply went back to my office and IM'd Matt Haughey who was still working at Blogger to let him know I saw someone wearing a Blogger shirt. (Well it was a big deal to me, I dunno if Matt remembers, maybe he was at KnowNow?)

The Blogger shirt is a little symbolic of that part of me that doesn't want to bother people, doesn't want to introduce himself, or bug anyone. So when I saw that guy I immediately walked over and introduced myself.

And Blogger the application is symbolic of the "oversharing Andre" it let me be that was in such contrast to the "undersharing Andre" that I was in real life.

Needs For Sale is an idea that came out of a project called Wants For Sale. The "needs" idea is that they paint a picture of an item and set the price as the actual price of the item painted. When you buy it, they use the money to buy the actual object and donate it to someone. found on coolhunting.

A wedding invitation sent out on DVDs. thanks justin.

We actually did pretty good on the RSVPs, only three actual declines, and we ended up on the exact number we had originally estimated. It's a weird thing, watching the responses come back and getting excited when you see people accepting. For a few days there it seemed like nobody was going to respond and you get that little panic like, "OMG maybe we can just charge some people off Craigs List for a nice dinner, dancing, and cake!"

So bummed "Walk Hard" was brought to us by "the guy who brought you Talladega Nights". I just bought the first season of "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job" on iTunes and was reminded of how good John C. Reilly is.

Note: if you listen to The Sound of Young America you'll notice a correlation between stuff I watch/buy/talk about and stuff on that show. I just thought I'd point that out before you realized it.

I just got home from a nice Thanksgiving with my parents and a really boring drive from Central California to San Francisco. Being in a car that long reminds me why I don't drive anymore. Plus I got my first speeding ticket ever in California, so that added to the disappointment.