I keep wanting to post about Kindle but everyone else has done it better (ob. link to Mark Pilgrim's post).

Instead I will just comment that ebook readers: awesome. Wireless EVDO enabled ebook readers that can download a specially formatted version of the NY Times or other newspaper: awesome. An actual selection of books to buy: way awesome.

I own a Sony eBook Reader. It sits in a drawer underneath my Sony PSP. The reason it's in the drawer is I read every book I wanted to read on manybooks.net and Sony's online book store selection was terrible (I think there were four tech books). After some noodling I was able to set up a workflow for converting pirated found txt formatted books or free books like Cory's library.

The ebook itself, the e-ink never loses its cool. If you have been wanting an ebook I say buy it. I think this has more to do with Amazon's lack of experience with developing and shipping electronic products than people will admit. But I'm biased: I like gadgets and things that are awesome.


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before this i wrote a beautiful crowded house story after this i wrote newsreaders


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