Notcot's 2007 Gift Guide is already off to a good start. Keep checking back as she reveals new products each day. (I want that Mozart ball thing for no reason other than it's made of wood and has a wind-up)

It's been fun following Carrie Brownstein's weblog over on NPR. I keep meaning to link to it but forget. She did a gift guide so now I get to. I love when people write on their site like they're writing me a letter. I can't think of any better advice to new weblog authors. (I forget who gave that to me)

PopMatters' Consuming Consumables will also be updated right up until the Holidays.

Finally, Kotaku's 2007 Gift Guide of Obscene Nicety and Sublime Naughtyness.


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before this i wrote newsreaders after this i wrote paypal + ebay now signing outgoing email


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