Andy is back posting to the middle of Waxy again with an interview with the creator of Colin's Bear Animation.

Stevenf reviews trees.

Alec Baldwin (huh) on a newspaper in New Hampshire that ran a pretty foul piece of satire it has since removed from its website. It's reminiscent of Fox News' "1/2 Hour Comedy Hour" which was absolutely terrible. found on the rabbit blog

Apologies to The Daily Show for swiping the title of this post.

There's an ANSI art show in SF at a gallery called 20 GOTO 10 that's ending soon. Also see Doug Moore's for tons of screens.

I'm very excited to see that Everyblock launched today. It's local news aggregated from a number of sources like Yelp, Craigslist, Flickr, and even data from the local city government. Here's an interview with Adrian Holovaty at Poynter.

Also: score another point for a Django powered site.

The other day I posted about how I wanted a for quotes. Finn in the comments pointed out which is pretty much what I was talking about, although I feel a little self-conscious that my quotes are a bit unlike others. (I think insane web comments and racist bigoted news articles on CNN are notable.)

You have to admit, this comment is very likely the comment of the year.

Two things today: I found out what an orrery is (neat!), and saw that these people had one made! Be sure to check out the "making of" video embedded in that page. thanks, bethgo.

Joel Johnson went on The Hugh Thompson (who?) Show and talked about AT&T's recent announcement to start filtering/monitoring Internet traffic. The thing is, The Hugh Thompson show is sponsored by AT&T, which is probably why the clip ends with a booming voice saying "HOLD PLEASE" and taping is stopped.

I really wish there was a for sentences. I guess that's called a weblog. Anyway, here are two that I wanted to note this weekend:

Wikipedia's Martin Luther King Day page on South Carolina's May 2000 adoption of MLK day as a state holiday: "Prior to this, employees could choose between celebrating Martin Luther King Day or one of three confederate holidays."

From Mark Pilgrim's book "Dive into Python" on the subject of private functions: "Acknowledge that this is interesting, but promise to never, ever do it in real code."

In case you were ever considering learning Python, I cannot recommend Mark's book enough.

I'd never heard of Ivor Cutler until blackbeltjones linked Pussy on the Mat. My brain keeps wanting to make connections with Daniel Johnston, but that might just be that harmonium. Here he is doing Shop Lifters on the Old Grey Whistle Test.