The Big Word Project is like the Million Dollar Home Page with a clever little twist. Pick a word, if it's available, pay a dollar a letter and have that word linked to your site. It's kind of fun to do. I bought two.

Found on daringfireball.

FriendFeed is finally public. It aggregates all your friend's feeds and your feeds into one lovely river of feed goodness. I like it. Here's mine, let's be friends!

Someone is going to accidentally put the output into the input of one of these many feed aggregation/repurposing sites and blow up the Internet. Just watch.

I love this animation using cut pieces of paper. At the bottom of the post he shows the proof of concept he did with a computer. found on snarkmarket

Funny stuff from Olde English, a parody of the parody that is Juno creator Diablo Cody.

I've been so busy the past two weeks I have pretty much lost all contact with Google Reader. Lots of good stuff coming up, I'll tell you about it when you're older. For now here's an update:

I bought a reissue of my favorite skateboard from when I was a teenager. Amber helped me get around the loophole of not buying video games in 2008 by buying me Professor Layton and the Curious Village. My good friend Mat Honan became an Internet celebrity for creating Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle.

Plus it's been raining all week and I love rain so I'm particularly happy these days. Tonight I'm going to scan my old skate zines.

This week Jason linked to an article which claimed it was possible to "unboil" an egg by unrolling the protein molecules (yuck). At work we all turned around in our seats, argued about it for a bit and then went back to work. Agreeing that even if it was possible we wouldn't want to eat it.

Michael Pusateri, a man with a long history of documenting his experiments and projects, decided to try it.

Get Satisfaction points to a Tweet Sheet to help you remember Twitter commands. This idea is cool, but also reminds me of the days of keyboard overlays and dongles and sitting in computer class writing macros to convert letters into ASCII art. (HEY OLD MAN, TELL ME ABOUT FLOPPIES AGAIN!!!)

Tape it to your display, use it, learn it, then for gods-sake throw it away.

In Choices Are Handcuffs Mike talks about how he used constraints to help focus his latest art project.

I love constraints. I create them sometimes just to get a handle on what I need to do. I resolved to not buy one video game or book until I finished every unread book and unfinished video game sitting in my apartment in 2008. I've been doing pretty well so far, and it's forced me to dive into some books and games I had previously given up on.

The Mayor of San Francisco out on the street in SF talking to homeless people about his programs. It's too bad this shot looks so staged when it's really a candid shot.

Amber and I ended up at Needles and Pens this weekend and I turned the corner into the art gallery wall to find ZINES. And not just zines, but SKATE ZINES. I actually recognized Tod Swank's zine, of course, and a few other names seemed to be familiar.

I must scan and upload my zine (MEGA zine) before our next move. At least the issue with my friend Justin on the cover, all teeth missing or bent outwards, and smiling like a dope.