I've been so busy the past two weeks I have pretty much lost all contact with Google Reader. Lots of good stuff coming up, I'll tell you about it when you're older. For now here's an update:

I bought a reissue of my favorite skateboard from when I was a teenager. Amber helped me get around the loophole of not buying video games in 2008 by buying me Professor Layton and the Curious Village. My good friend Mat Honan became an Internet celebrity for creating Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle.

Plus it's been raining all week and I love rain so I'm particularly happy these days. Tonight I'm going to scan my old skate zines.



I must have watched that skate video a million times when i was younger. My favourite part is when Natas ollies on top of a fire hydrant, spins, and then ollies off.

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before this i wrote unboiling an egg after this i wrote diablo cody used to be a stripper, yo


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