I'm always interested to hear how other people are keeping up with feeds. This is basically what I do now after much moving around of feeds. I've got my favorite people, people I know, people I "must read" (that's the name of the folder), and those sites that have a nice signal/noise ratio. Then another folder called "main" that is nearly everything else.

When I just need to keep up with the "must read" people, I can jump in and out. When I feel like sitting down to really consume some sites, I can dive into the "main" folder.


Andy Baio

Same for me. You're in my "must read" pile.

Stefan Hayden

yeah. I have a friends and family folder folowed by an folder for Always, Mostly, Sometimes, and Occasionally.

I sometimes want even more granularity. The hard part though is trying to determine what folder sites fall in to as the signal to noise ratio does effect a lot of the decision.


I've gone with a similar idea, but broke down feeds into a few more folders:
1. essential
2. not quite essential
3. news
4. tests

New feeds go in tests for a few weeks, and they'll be sorted or trashed after a test period.


Am I in "main"? Something tells me I'm in main... Sigh.

Andre Torrez

jonson, there are a lot of very important weblogs in "main"—like the Highway 101 Accident Traffic Feed and Is Mike Monteiro Lying. You should be proud. Very proud.


w00t! I'm with the traffic feed! My mom told me that lots of people look at that feed because it helps them plan their commutes. I'm a STAR!


I run with:
Almost Never

It works as a combination of how often I read the site mixed with how often it's updated. Always is worked through in the morning when I arrive at work and through the day I work progressively down the list. It's an interesting metric as to how busy I've been at real work during the day: "Huh, Almost Never is empty, maybe I should actually do the work I'm paid to do..."


I've split mine up a while back to mirror your style.


This way I can read the daily regularly, misc when I have time, scan the news and tech for updates.

I removed news & tech from misc because the frequency of sites like say Subtraction vs. sites like BBC News made it hard to leisurely read the feeds.

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