I'm always interested to hear how other people are keeping up with feeds. This is basically what I do now after much moving around of feeds. I've got my favorite people, people I know, people I "must read" (that's the name of the folder), and those sites that have a nice signal/noise ratio. Then another folder called "main" that is nearly everything else.

When I just need to keep up with the "must read" people, I can jump in and out. When I feel like sitting down to really consume some sites, I can dive into the "main" folder.

Interactive SpamAssassin 'required_score' charts showing thresholds and accuracy.

Expect to see a lot more charts in the next few weeks (lucky you!). I've got charts and graphs on the brain these days.

Cool site: muxtape. Upload some mp3s to a list and then send the page to friends. Really well done. http://muxtape.com/. thanks, katie.

I can't describe how much I agree with these two posts, one from Andy posted today, one from Gordon posted earlier this month.

A dog and his tennis ball launching machine. found on the laughing squid's reverse-chronological

A disposable camera is left on a bench for a day with instructions to passers-by to use it. They did. found on andrew pile's reverse-chronological thing

A time-lapse of the Flickr party. I don't know how I manage to miss Flickr's party every year, but I do.

Also, Flickr is only four? That's it?

Jason celebrates 10 years of running a very popular, personal weblog. I began reading him somewhere in the 98/99 year and never stopped. I copied him by registering my last name + .org and starting my own weblog.

Other things I know about Jason: Our birthdays are exactly one year apart (he's younger). We have the same number of letters in our first AND last names. Those are things I know about Jason.

Is some highly available, geographically diverse, multi-billion dollar company's web site down or is it just my local ISP/Comcast/linksys router? http://downforeveryoneorjustme?com/ Excellent answer for the dudes on your local forum still using NetZero.

So cool. Training crows to perform tasks by building a device to reward them for bringing it coins. found on things magazine.

I hear they've trained people to bring others links.