This whole vow of booklessness I've taken on this year is getting harder and harder. The 33⅓ Series is killing me.

First John Darnielle writing about Black Sabbath's "Master of Reality".

Next there's Slayer's "Reign in Blood" that was to be released today.

Sigh...In The Aeroplane Over the Sea.


Anxious Mo-Fo

I'm curious - why would you take on a vow of booklessness? (I need to take on a vow of not buying new books until I finish the books I've already purchased.)

Andre Torrez

I have too many books. I want to finish more of them before I go buying any more books.

It's been hard, but I'm halfway there.

Anxious Mo-Fo

Ah - so it's exactly like the vow I should make before I spend another $200 on Amazon.

I misunderstood - I thought you were vowing not to read books.

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