Notcot finds a bit of tech history in a drawer: an article titled "The Fall of Steve Jobs" in Fortune Magazine.

I kept threatening to take some photos of my zines. While we're packing for the move I took a couple of snapshots. The color versions are the originals pasted up. The zines were photocopied at my Mom's office and then distributed to friends around town.

I love these Soda Can Stoves. Not sure if it's age or money, but I seem to remember doing a lot of projects like this when I was younger. Maybe I just don't have time anymore.

For being small, San Francisco has a lot of neighborhoods in its 7x7 miles. When I talked about moving to the Outer Sunset yesterday I forgot to link the Wikipedia page for the neighborhood.

And, to be accurate, we're actually going to be in Parkside.

San Francisco: No One Will Tell You When You Have A Bad Idea on Flickr.

Of course, today we just signed up to live in this City for a few more years. We found a place in the Outer Sunset which sounds a lot like saying we're moving to one of Saturn's Outer Moons—and that is not far from the truth—but we do get our own place with a yard and can still stay in San Francisco.

Two friends at work have started a unique podcast called White Noise Lounge.

From the about page:
We went back and forth like this for a while, cracking each other up with ideas like “white noise radio,” that played nothing but a continuous low hum, all—day—long. The next morning she was still giggling to herself about it.

I've been listening to them all morning. It's interesting how the different background noises can affect your mood. The idling Vespa made me anxious, the bridge joints were calming, and the sound of tinkling dishes and silverware was pleasant.

Sometimes life is too quiet, instead of turning on a TV or a distracting radio, why not invite some dishwashers into your house?

Zappos has an interesting way of testing new hires, after four weeks if you're not happy about the job and the company, they'll pay you your full salary for the time you've been there, and give you a $500 bonus (possibly $1,000 soon). The reasoning is if you haven't bought into what the company is about, you probably won't be the type of Zappos employee they need.

Oh, also they expect about a billion dollars in sales this year.

If you're not following Zappos on Twitter, you should. They're one of the few companies understanding how to use Twitter as a component of their company.

Not sure where this is from, but I love it.

Sine vs Cosine.gif
sine vs. cosine

Update: Mike pointed out in the comments that it's sometimes called a "bullshit grinder" which lead me to a Wikipedia article with a little more information.

Here's a simple idea: transparent Post-Its.

As an admirer of simple ideas and office supplies, has there been anything that has topped the Post-It? Makes me want to go to Staples this weekend and find out.

Mule Design is having a sale on their shirts.