Since I don't explicitly write much biographical posts, I figure once in a while won't be too bothersome. I think the last time I updated my site that way it was the night before Amber and I were married. Since then we've been to Fiji [best vacation ever] and then got down to baby conceiving [success!].

Another life-changing event happened just yesterday: we bought a car. We'd been carless for over a year. While I LOVE taking public transportation and walking a mile to catch a train to take me two miles to catch a bus to take me five miles into work every day, I'd prefer that my future son or daughter did not have to admit to friends twenty years from now that they had been born in the back of a taxi.

So now we have this car and well…I LOVE IT ZOMG!!!1! I think the thing that will change the most is that I can stay up a little later and sleep in a little later. It means my day isn't ruled by the bus schedule out of Sausalito and I can pick up all the crackers and yogurt my wife needs.

Also: bitchin' stereo.



What kind did you get?

While I understand the kid factor, I have to frown at another gas car on the road. ready?


When is the bun due?


Gotta ask the same question as brewcaster...

What kind did you get?

So happy for you guys about the not-so-little-pea-anymore-looks-like!

Andy Baio

It's a 1979 AMC Pacer, the perfect family car.


I am going to guess a Mini Clubman, the station wagon of the 21st century.


Seriously: how do you post about a new car and not say what kind of car it is? Tease!


Hey, totally missed the big news. Congratulations! (I think it's an Escalade, because that's just how Andre rolls.)

Chris A

Sport compact wagon! Am I right, am I right?

And wow, congrats on the burgeoning offspring! Completely missed it in the flickr stream.

James Gross

congrats man.

also, automobiles can be fun.

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