These photos on BLDG BLOG are pretty creepy. Creeeeepy.

An interesting nugget of information in a terrific post on is that George Bush, Sr. has a domain name and has held it for ten years.

Wikipedia says Mario (of Nintendo fame) is named after a one-time landlord of Nintendo of America's warehouses Mario Segali. Since no photo exists of Mr. Segali, IGN decided to play a joke by inserting a photo of an IGN staffer into the entry for Mr. Segali in their gamer database.

That joke photo is now featured on the pages of a recent issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM).

I've been pretty quiet lately due to moving and work, but when I heard that George Carlin had died it reminded me of an observation of his that pops into my head a lot in life:

"Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?"

Derek launches MagCloud along with HP Labs. That dude is obsessed. [in a good way]

Today is my third anniversary at Federated Media. Saying "three years" sounds so short, I almost feel a little silly mentioning it, but it also nearly marks the date FM was born (June 1, 2005) so I figured it's worth pointing out.

I highly recommend everyone do this at some point. Quit your stupid job and spend a couple of years not just working someplace but working on something you really care about. Why not be someplace you want to be every day? Life's too short to wonder if it's worth the risk.

Of course, the other bonus is I get to yell at people "I've been here longer than you!" and it's always true!

We just announced a product I am really excited about. We're doing something that builds off our three years of experience and knowledge, and gives advertisers, publishers, and readers more than just a typical web campaign. That's something FM has always tried to do. Don't just run banner ads, pay attention, listen, and you'll make a better product or service.

Oh and we're hiring. Come work in San Francisco and you get to own projects like the CM Toolbox, our forecasting engine, publishing tools, you get to help our publishers, BBQ, attend outdoor hula hoop meetings (no laptops allowed!), jump in the bay, and best of all work with a lot of really caring people who work really fucking hard to make everyone happy. That's what I love most about this place: everyone here cares a lot about FM and those who work with us.

This is exactly the place I want to be every day.

Dan Cederholm notices an excellent real-world participation incentive applied to tipping. Two tip jars giving you the ability to vote and see the results immediately.

How cool is that?

This looks interesting, The Start Conference:

Start is a one-day conference in San Francisco designed for smart, talented Web people to take hold of their ideas, follow their dreams, and start their own companies.

That's one sweet site, too. See you there.

Sometimes I see things on the web that I know my wife will like. This is one of those things. found on drawn