The Game Libratory (Library + Labratory) is just getting started. It aims to provide research opportunities on video games, and likely provide the chance for these researchers to play every freaking game imaginable.

This was too funny not to point to, even though the title is "Epic Burn". It really is pretty damn good.

Found on Andrew Pile's weblog. Sometimes I go there just to watch the animation.

Jeffrey McManus breaks down the numbers of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and Joss Whedon himself responds confirming the numbers are pretty close.

If you missed the free showing, and can deal with musicals, I promise you it's worth the $4.

I've been playing around with the Google App Engine for the past few weeks. I threw a simple Django app [] up there to test out how the deployment tools worked and found them to be really nice. And if it were a popular app the usage reporting tools look like they'd be just as cool.

Brad Fitzpatrick just announced he and a few other Perl hackers are using their 20% Google time to create a Perl version of the GAE with no promises from the GAE team that it will be included. But if you're a Perl hacker looking for a project to contribute to, that seems like a really good one.

There are very few games I would say I consciously wait for. I tend to make my decisions about games after they've been released, when I know I can walk down to the store and get it. The last time I think I really stressed about a release date was back when we used to scan .plan files of our favorite developers and designers.

Braid is a game I am waiting for. Jonathan Blow has been hinting on his weblog that the game is really close, but can't announce the release date due to some XBLA rule. He did mention, and so I will too, that this post on Joystiq gives some idea of the time frame. [psst, 4-6 weeks]

If you're like me and have very few games you get excited about these days, check out Braid.

Hey, a nice review of our album. Thanks, Kevin / So Much Silence.

The album is also available on iTunes and eMusic.

Excellently done campaign announcement. You might have already seen this, but Sean is an Internet-style friend, so I feel it's my duty to help him get the word out to his fellow Kansans. I think he has some pretty good ideas.

I must admit, I feel a little sneaky giving someone in another state money to run as a representative for people I do not know. But then again, this is Kansas…you know, Kansas…and that's still a state in my country's union so I was compelled.

What the web was made for! Tracking the revolutions of a hamster wheel and converting them to miles. If the hamster ran as, uh, the crow flies, this is how far she'd go. Hamster Across America

This is sand is a fun little web toy. The gallery is filled with mostly what you'd expect, except for one little guy.

"I'm not here to make friends" is a montage of a common phrase found in reality TV shows. found on jonson's weblog

In our new house we are finally using the HD Tivo with Comcast and getting back into television. We're currently hooked on The Deadliest Catch. I think my wife has a crush on Edgar…I think I have a crush on Edgar.