No link on this post, but we (FM) just moved to the City (San Francisco) and everyone is in a state of shock at how different life has become. I just went down to the market in our building and bought an onigiri rice ball. ONIGIRI RICE BALL! I always hoped they've have buckets of rice balls in heaven, never did I imagine I'd have them within walking distance.

I've gone back to public transportation after having a car for a couple of months. It was nice having it, but in the end it was a hassle having to think about the drive. Plus I really like taking public transportation when it is not a bus. Check back with me when MUNI breaks down and I have to walk 7 miles.

Also, MUNI is my favorite source of photos.

Oh, our building? Yeah, it's the building that appeared in Sneakers. Be jealous…or, you know, join us.

Ethan Kaplan on all of his sites' browser stats showing the arrival of alternate browsers and devices. Ethan is the VP of Tech at Warner Bros. These devices are showing significant gains, if you run web sites you should know this.

I happened to read two articles on sub-cultures on the same day. A piece on Internet Trolls from the NY Times and Adbusters' article on Hipsters. Both affected me enough to roll around in my head all day while I worked.

It's possible that with our little girl on the way my attention to "the future world" is a bit more focused. We're no longer planning a couple years in advance but decades, and of course, everything matters a little bit more.

So Alex wrote a very thoughtful reaction to the hipsters article (I initially found it by way of his twitter post) and it was met with thoughtful responses. It's a nice post and conversation, and somehow ties in the with the NY times troll article and even Derek's post on comments that has also been on my mind lately (gee, I think a lot).