I happened to read two articles on sub-cultures on the same day. A piece on Internet Trolls from the NY Times and Adbusters' article on Hipsters. Both affected me enough to roll around in my head all day while I worked.

It's possible that with our little girl on the way my attention to "the future world" is a bit more focused. We're no longer planning a couple years in advance but decades, and of course, everything matters a little bit more.

So Alex wrote a very thoughtful reaction to the hipsters article (I initially found it by way of his twitter post) and it was met with thoughtful responses. It's a nice post and conversation, and somehow ties in the with the NY times troll article and even Derek's post on comments that has also been on my mind lately (gee, I think a lot).



My first thought: Adbusters has articles?

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before this i wrote game libratory after this i wrote the bottom 1.5%


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