Jeff Mangum playing "Engine" with Julian Koster at an Elephant 6 Surprise Show.

Don't get your hopes up, cheese.

Two projects released this weekend that are pretty cool if not a bit nerdy. solves the problem of turning a list of MP3s (found on the web or your own) into an RSS feed for people to subscribe to. Excellent story behind the name, too. helps you identify more creative ways to get the domain name you want by showing you how you can use the other less known TLDs out there.

Truthful Title Cards. Heroes and the Amazing Race are my favorites.

Joel from BB Gadgets shares a story about his hacker grandfather.

I love that damn blog.

Finally, a cotton candy machine for your home! I have no idea how cotton candy machines work, but this one takes hard candy and spins it into cotton. Unbelievable. [via ohgizmo]

Ben Brown and Katie Spence (the husband and wife team that previously brought you the very funny and cute iwanttoseethatparticularmovieyougotthere podcast) are launching a movie super-site dedicated to all movies on DVD, silver screen, BluRays, and surely day-long movies as well (timely!), for you to categorize and store for later.

It's called HOORAY MOVIES!

And the best part: many kinds of data feeds for the mishing and the mashing of movies for you to build things on top of their data.

Programmer font surveys show up every couple of months. This one is pretty complete. I had been using Dina for a while, and before that Inconsolata. Recently I installed Droid for no reason other than it came from Google and it was free.

In productivity talks Merlin Mann refers to things like this as fiddling with your work environment as a form procrastination and he's right. Any monospaced font would produce perfectly fine code—but did you see that Ti92Pluspc? So nice. Installing it now…

Two things made me very happy to discover today:

Garrett Murray started a new Flickr group called "My Day, Yesterday" for this video. Dean Allen joined him with this one. Let's have more of this!

Andy Baio and Joshua Schachter created Memeorandum Colors to help identify conservative/liberal bias (and shades in between) in their linking activity. If you're simply interested in running it head over and download now.

If you're into the geeky side of how it works, Andy includes it at the bottom. Today I learned about Singular Value Decomposition. Sweet.

Take on Me: Literal Video Version. (I forgot who linked this, but thanks, and sorry for missing the credit.)

My mom would often walk by me watching MTV and would stand for a bit and watch with me. When the video was over she'd ask something like, "What did that mean to you?" or "What do you think that's saying to you?" The time she did that at the end of A-Ha's video was a tense moment that I still remember to this day.

I just remembered, it's Gothtober time again, and the official site is back with a Christmas-like advent calendar to take us to Halloween.

The first video has a sample from a classic video that always kills me.