Programmer font surveys show up every couple of months. This one is pretty complete. I had been using Dina for a while, and before that Inconsolata. Recently I installed Droid for no reason other than it came from Google and it was free.

In productivity talks Merlin Mann refers to things like this as fiddling with your work environment as a form procrastination and he's right. Any monospaced font would produce perfectly fine code—but did you see that Ti92Pluspc? So nice. Installing it now…



I love Microsoft's Consolas.


DejaVu Sans Mono, but that makes sense since I'm on Ubuntu.

Randy Reddig

Was pleased to see Monaco in the first list—I’ve been a fan for a long time. Afraid my aging eyes forced a move from 9pt to 10pt. :)


I'm a Bitstream Vera Mono guy -- I used Anonymous for a long time, then a period of flipping back and forth on different computers, then I decided I would just pick one that was commonly available and stick with it, saving myself the cognitive overhead of things not looking quite right for a week or two every time I switched.

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before this i wrote two things today after this i wrote hooray movies!


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