Take on Me: Literal Video Version. (I forgot who linked this, but thanks, and sorry for missing the credit.)

My mom would often walk by me watching MTV and would stand for a bit and watch with me. When the video was over she'd ask something like, "What did that mean to you?" or "What do you think that's saying to you?" The time she did that at the end of A-Ha's video was a tense moment that I still remember to this day.



Do you remember what you finally said?

Or, better, does she?


I'm pretty sure she said something like "What do you think that's saying to you?" My mom was always concerned about my intake of pop culture.

When Cobain died she called to make sure I was going to be okay… to which I responded something like, "Nirvana? I don't even listen to them anymore."

I might be seeing her this week, I'm going to play the video for her.

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before this i wrote gothtober after this i wrote two things today


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