This is not so much lazy web idea, more of a wouldn't that be interesting: but how neat would it be to make a web site solely for the purpose of attracting bots which, as they crawl, would create profiles, connections, and activity streams. Something like a digital ant farm, I guess.

I don't know enough about bot cycles to know if they'd even visit much, but I'd sure like to find out.


Michael Sippey

I think this exists in the form of Twitter. There's a good deal of real ants which are honey for the not-so-real ants. The challenge is distinguishing between the two so as to model the differences in behavior between the two groups.

Jacob Malone

Bot dating site anyone? Think of the cybersex.

Andy Baio

This is a simplified version of what you're talking about, where bots traversed a massive tree of dynamically-generated pages. The charts for each bot are beautiful.

I'd love to see the social network version, where each bot/IP was assigned a name, profile pages, and all their activity was collected on a single page.

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