There are some wicked ideas, and then there are some truly wicked ideas. Swoopo is about the most wicked I've come across in a while. It takes a few minutes to understand what's going on, but when you do you can't believe it's really happening.

I'll blow your mind even more: a current auction for $225 worth of "bids" is currently at $480. These are bids you can buy on the site for $225.

The Wikipedia explanation is probably the best one.



A sucker and their money are soon parted.

Swoopo is making insane cash, though. Insane profit margins, it's amazing.


I just noticed the auction I pointed to is a 100% discount, meaning you don't have to pay for it at the end. That's even more wicked!


I just saw a Sony laptop go for $2.


I just stumbled on to a swoopo-like page has any of you been there or know something about it?


people get upset because they think they can get a TV for 10 bucks, but that never happens on swoopo! if you just use common sense along with some 3rd party research on the site, you won't lose all your money. just don't waste your bids early and use sites like for the research and you'll do WAY better.


People need to learn first the mechanism for this kind of internet bidding system. At first glance you'll be surprise on how cheap you can get some $2000 dollar tv for like less than 2 bucks. But this is actually a game of luck and more so like gambling. You just have to know if you're up for taking some chances. :D

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