I had this idea almost 4 years ago and since my New Year's resolution is build it or let the domain expire, I went ahead and built it on Google App Engine with CherryPy because they both make making things fun.

Basically I wanted a way to have some lists handy that I usually end up converting to some other format, this is that. I'm going to be rich.



Great idea, very nicely implemented. Dude, I love that you don't even have a copyright message on the page, let alone any sort of licensing mumbo jumbo.

Andre Torrez

Thanks. If I can get the top Google spot for "List of US States" I'll be happy.


cant make them shareable?

i stated a robots list but since i dont know many robots i've stalled out after r2 and c3po. but i'm sure others could help!


way to go, andre! that was a quick fulfillment of a resolution.

darkpony's idea of making lists shareable is great.


look at you all making stuff!


Nicely done, Andre.

A feature request (oh noes) and a remark:

1. Maybe add the number of items somewhere in the list? e.g. "Countries (150)"

2. (without the www.) points to a domain parking page.


Along with having the Add To Favorite, how about a “Mark as Verified” to add an element of trust to the data source.

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