I love this piece of marketing from Burger King: Whopper Sacrifice. You use the Facebook App to "sacrifice" 10 friends by un-friending them, and you then get a coupon for a free Whopper. Those friends receive messages stating they were unfriended by their former friend and a chance to install the app and get a burger for themselves.

People I know who are using it are dumping friends for the burger but will likely re-friend them later which is just perfect. Good stuff.

Whopper Sacrifice Website



So funny. My favourite part was unfriending 10 people then finding out the coupon wasn't available to Canadians. Jokes.


There's nothing like telling someone that their friendship is worth less than 1/10 of a hamburger.

I can't wait for my coupon!


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Whoppers suck, but I'll unfriend everyone I know on every single social network I'm on for reservations and a free meal at the French Laundry. This will be invaluable publicity for whichever organization takes me up on this. Guaranteed!

Cory O'Brien

The genius of this campaign was that everyone's got a list of people they would either love to de-friend, or a list of people that would get the joke when you de-friend them and then add them back again just for the free Whopper, so it's a win win. Gotta love telling someone that their friendship is only worth about 20 cents though!


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