I first became aware of Buster Mcleod from his All Consuming project. He has a lot of projects that seem to spiral off from what he was doing with All Consuming. Projects that track a particular time of day on Flickr. Projects that display what is in season for your location. His Morale-O-Meter used to track his mood and other statuses throughout the week. He sums it up in his post "History of my self-tracking":

The reason I am obsessed with self-tracking is because I think there is a way to track yourself in such a way that it leads to epiphanies about yourself, about the cause and effect of things, in such a way that these numbers would eventually be able to tell you things about yourself that you didn’t already know. This is the only reason to self-track, in my opinion.

You can now watch him go in a new weblog called Enjoymentland.


Buster McLeod

It's funny how our projects tend to spiral around a couple core ideas in our guts. I think this is our true profession, to take that spiral out as far as possible.

Thanks for the link. I was just talking with Mike Previtt about you the other day. We gotta resurrect Dropcash.

Andy Baio

Buster, your new blog is brilliant. Every single entry is great.

Buster McLeod

Thank you, Andy, you are very kind! :)

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