I can't relate to this post about Mondays that everyone seems excited about. I fricken LOVE Mondays. It's the start of the week. You get to see what ideas that were so important on Friday stayed important until Monday. Sometimes a couple of days brings everyone to their senses and we can leave bad ideas in the past week.

Mondays are a fresh start. They're like a reset button for the doldrums of your Wednesday afternoon meetings where two people are going on about something the other eight people in the room don't even understand.

Sundays, specifically Sunday nights, are the worst. I hate them. The last day to get stuff done and you can't even stay up late working on anything. Anything you didn't have time to do now sits around until the next weekend.



OMG. I had totally read the title of that Boing Boing post as "Something For Those Who Hate Monkeys". WTF was I thinking? Who in their right mind hates monkeys. Oh yeah, I forgot.

I think it was the buddha-looking sculptures in that photo (and the fact that it was a Danny Choo post) that threw me off. Don't monkeys always come with buddha sculptures?

More to the point: I totally was in the middle of some half-baked code changes on Friday that I left uncommitted. When I came in this morning and tried to finish them, I realized they pretty much sucked, so they got reverted.

Sameer Vasta

Thanks for writing this Andre. I too abhor Sunday nights and look forward to Monday mornings. I like the semi-blank slate, the fresh start. I thought I was the only one.

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