Not a whole lot of feature changes, but a definite jump in style, I've re-launched Listable with a design provided by Mule Design.

Some lists I like:

  1. Most Commonly Used Passwords — Stick that in a local database and clean against your users logging into your site.
  2. Airport Code Country Airport
  3. HTML Tag List — Nice if you're building some kind of HTML parsing script and need a list.
  4. Chinese Zodiac — Again, what I built this site for. If someone needs a list, here it is in a myriad of formats.
  5. Words Containing The Letter X — So good.
  6. Common XSS Vectors — Eep.


j schreiber

definitely this list:

+1 for linking.


"Words containing the letter x" was sitting in my private wiki for a year as part of a game idea that never materialized. Figured I'd let it out.


What are those brown spots in the background supposed to be? Mold?


Yeah, Justin, it's mold.


Seems like you can't make a list with a title that starts with a number?

I got an error:

BadArgumentError: Names may not begin with a digit

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