WikiRank is a fascinating front-end to Wikipedia that loads the freely available traffic stats and then bubbles up and charts the trends for popular pages. It's not just a clever use of the stats, it's beautifully designed. I wish Wikipedia looked more like this.

Brent Simmons remembers a few conversations with people at conferences and trade shows long ago. Maybe you can help track down who the people were.

I did the same thing with Jeffrey Zeldman at my first SXSW. I was so nervous I couldn't approach anyone. Eventually I tagged along with some folks and ended up at a party where Jeffrey was—and then I gushed like he had invented HTML, browsers, and erasable pens. Ugh. But he was really nice about it.

Anil, thankfully, approached me and began introducing me around as "That File Pile Guy". The rest is history.

CEO's Guide To Jetting by Jetblue. Funny videos aimed at CEOs only please. Directed by Bob "Freakin'" Odenkirk!

Mike Monteiro's art just went on sale at 20x200. It's some wickedly unsettling stuff. I don't think it was a mistake the word "therapist" sits square in the middle of the third piece. If I stare at it long enough—well, we all see what we want to see, eh?

Thru You is something pretty special. A ton of real Youtube videos mixed into a whole album of songs. Found via that special guy Ze Frank.