So good: Mule Design is selling the Get Excited And Make Things shirt previously seen here. $20 cheap!

Amber and I lived a block away from this house for almost three years. You can barely see the space invader embedded on the face of it under the stairs.

Every time we walked past it, I would say: "Damn I love this house. I don't know why but I love it." So now I know why.

After a year of looking we finally bought a place here in the city. We're moving in two weeks and we can't be happier with it. It's in Duboce Triangle which is kind of a dream for us. Not only am I 10 minutes from work, but I get to pick between every MUNI train line in the city. It looks like I'll get to use Paul's MiniMuni now.

Anil has launched a new site/idea that I am very much excited about. It's called Last Year's Model and it's all about recognizing you don't need to get on the newest gadget treadmill that some gadget blogs and manufacturers would like you to believe.

Design is by Mule, it's super fancy.

At least we're past the "Twitter Will Fail And Be Gone In A Year" phase. Now we're at the "Twitter Is So Stoopid" phase. Maureen Dowd interrogates two of the Twitter founders.

The Story of Beer. Nicely drawn, tons of information about beer. Now I want a beer.

I think I just found my new favorite cabinet member.

Was anyone in your family impressed when you won the Nobel Prize in Physics? Probably, but who knows? I called my mother up when they announced the Nobel Prize, waiting until 7 in the morning. She said, “That’s nice — and when are you going to see me next?”

Is it true you don’t drive a car? My wife does, but I no longer own a car. Let me just say that in most of my jobs, I mostly rode my bicycle.

Throw this on the "if I had more time" pile: SF Muni Service Delivery Daily Reports. PDFs of the days events like accidents, number of trains through different lines, people transfered out of the game, how many people didn't show up for work so far this month, or a stop for "OPERATOR PERSONAL NECESSITY".

Thingiverse is a database of digital designs that can be made into real, physical objects. You'll need some tools.

I've been waiting for this app for a while. Loren just recorded a screen-cast for it and it's even better than I could have imagined. It's going to be available (spoiler alert)Monday.

Tweenbots are robots that navigate the city by the help of the people they meet. The video is very sweet.