Set up a PA system on a street corner where morning commuters are walking by with their mp3 players. Offer to plug their mp3 players into your PA system for a few minutes.

I can hardly believe this story is true. Apparently people who bought books from a certain author on their Kindle found out today that they no longer have those books on their Kindle. Follow this link to learn more and see who the author was.

Even more Kindle ridiculousness from Kevin Fox.

Mark Pilgrim Was Right.

Lisa Blonder draws a picture with her left hand, right hand, left foot, and right foot. Plus another attempt from 2004.

Mat writes a good list of things you should consider if you have moved to San Francisco or are planning to move here.

San Francisco is the kind of place where nobody will tell you when you have a bad idea. That's just how it is. In an effort to remain tolerant, people go out of their way not to judge. That can be a bad thing. "Hey, dude, I think I'm going to pierce my eyelids with this sliver of depleted uranium for Burning Man this year." "Right on, that's cool." No. No, it's not cool. It's a very bad fucking idea. But nobody will tell you that.

I think the most important thing he points out is if you are going to move to San Francisco, move to The City of San Francisco. Not the East Bay, not Palo Alto, and holy shit not Marin County. It's like all the people who move to the San Fernando Valley and then claim to hate living in LA.