I had switched to a Google G1 "Dream" phone for a month. I felt like writing about it.

I give up. I thought it'd be fun to see what life was like on a different platform but I think I've seen more than enough on this hardware. The device is definitely too slow to get anything done and I have found myself not going to the phone when in a situation where I used to check my mail and catch up on Twitter. I stood in line at the ATM and just didn't bother.

On Saturday my family was here to visit and I found myself reaching for the iPhone to check on a restaurant, map some directions, and to check on an order. Given a choice between the two I just could not keep flipping that thing open knowing there were other perfectly good computers nearby.

I took the G1 into work today but I came home knowing what I had to do. I switched the SIM back to the iPhone. I'm going to keep installing apps and carrying it with me, but the SIM stays in the iPhone. When I get my hands on a Hero I can really put Android to the test. I think the G1 was just not ready to be the hardware for Android. And I'm not ready to interact with people when presented with opportunities to tune them out.

Some Links And Other Items You Might Be Interested In

  • Alex Payne wrote something that just nails what drives me to want to see what else is out there. In 1999 I switched from Windows to Linux on my desktop for a year while I contracted. The fallout from that was horrendous. Lost files, corrupted Word docs, one dumb weekend where I worked in 640x480 because I hit "Okay" instead of "NO, NO, NO, GOD, NO" on an update and was clueless about how to fix it without wiping and re-installing. I switched to OS X in 2001.
  • Ed Chang wrote in and told me about TouchPal which does some really good stuff as a replacement keyboard. I used it for a bit while i searched for a podcast manager (BeyondPod seemed to be the best but did not actually work when I tried subscribing to feeds).
  • There is a Foursquare App for Android that looks very promising! I will definitely be testing it out.
  • Buzz writes from experience what it takes to ship a well polished app and why he does it. Coincidentally I bought Birdfeed on Sunday.

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