Stuff of note while drinking my coffee this morning.

Josh Cagan is a funny guy, you can follow him on Twitter here. He co-wrote a movie called Bandslam that was marketed very poorly, but apparently (80% on Rotten Tomatoes) the reviews are pretty good. More on the lack of marketing can be read about here.

I guess the SXSW panels proposals are up today for voting. I don't go to SXSW anymore, but if I did I'd totally go to this one by Myles Grant. I forgot how much SXSW recharges the batteries. I definitely need a recharge these days.

John Gruber talks more about Android and iPhone. I've talked quite a bit about this subject with many friends over beer and coffee and in between meetings. Everyone seems pretty excited to discuss how Apple created this gigantic, seemingly unscalable mountain, and how even the most well funded attempts have fallen so very, very short. It's kind of amazing. It's even driven me to open up XCode for the first time in four months.

I'm the sort of person who is constantly looking for threads and patterns between seemingly unrelated subjects. I think these are all quite related.

before this i wrote jet blue jetting trip after this i wrote i'm quite taken with this image


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