Maggie Mason learns how to roll a kayak. If you haven't been following this Intel has been sponsoring to run through her life list (a list of things she's always wanted to do in life).

Anyway, the first few seconds of that video on the kayak are why "rolling a kayak" is going on my "never in my life list".

NOTE: Federated Media (my employer and a company I co-founded 275 years ago) is the company that brokered this campaign. So in fairness, I should point out that I am linking to something that is in some part beneficial to me and my family.

Intel makes you taller.

Do This.

Now this is a flag.

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Mystery Flavor. That'd get me every time (except I don't drink sodas anymore).

Our tracker for BoingBoing launched a couple nights ago. Follow @bbsuggest to make sure the collector sees your tweets.

I really hope we can do one for Notcot.

the witching hour
 he  itching  our
     etching   u r

I just realized I was working out sentences in my head that would still make words if you kept removing the first letters and then I snapped out of it. I don't know what to mark that down as on my timesheet but I'm going to go with "Research".

At work we (me and Andy Yang) built this Trend Tracker for Mashable.

Mashable's intro:

The idea is it pulls in a Twitter account's timeline, unpacks short URLs, collects Flickr/TwitPic/Youtube media, matches statuses against Twitter's trending topics, and ranks top re-tweeted URLs that point back to Mashable's site.

In other versions of our app we rank links being shared and other neat bits of data. More on that later.

They always say build the app you want for yourself and this is definitely it. My own tracker runs on my laptop and every day I get a growing list of trends and links of people I'm following.

Last week I was pretty well sick of Kanye, you jerks.

I am seriously not into wands 'n shit, but I love the creativity behind turning a wand into a remote control by programming gestures into the thing so you can control your TV.

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I LOVE this post on Serious Eats. I am a hamburger FANATIC. I want one now but it's time to sleep.

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There are three things I've always wanted to do: Learn Objective-C, make something for my iPhone, and make a game. I decided to do all three after posting about Cocos2d the other day.

So here it is.