There are three things I've always wanted to do: Learn Objective-C, make something for my iPhone, and make a game. I decided to do all three after posting about Cocos2d the other day.

So here it is.

A card matching game. Boring, I know, but that might have been the most fun I've had with this phone in a while. The game seems to bore the pants off anyone I show it to, but I am so in love with the thing I even played it on the train for a bit.

My first pass yielded a pretty simple demo of drawing on the screen with some game rules applied.

That felt too light and there were so many things I wanted to fix and change that I made a second version. But that version just made me want to really finish the thing off right so I added the spinning and cleaned up the graphics and icons.

And tonight I was thinking, MY GOD, I could really make this thing sing and then I snapped out of it. I'm done. The source code is here if you're into that sort of thing.

I am still new to Objective-C and I have no clue if I'm doing things incorrectly, but this is my first real project so I'd love to get any feedback on it. I think I got "synthesize" happy. I probably didn't need to do that.

And Cocos2d is excellent but again, I need to look at more code as the stacked layer structure with reciprocal pointers between them feels completely wrong to someone like me who makes MVC web apps.

before this i wrote monetize the hate after this i wrote hamburgers


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