Alex posts his thoughts on SF.

Last Friday I almost linked to the following, but it seemed kinda random and without a point, but now I think since we're discussing the subject, here it is:

And everyone did admit there was a problem, at least with trash. Other problems cited included the bathrooms, hipsters, Mexicans, irrigation, wind, people who don't own property next to the park, Critical Mass, politicians and, despite all these apparent defects, too many people. And that, friends, is the essential irony. For a park that is "dying," it is quite popular!Comedy of the Commons: Dolores Park

Amber and I recently bought a place very nearly in the middle of SF after spending a year in The Sunset in a single family home. We looked at the cost of renting versus owning and of course the "paint my own walls" factor and decided to buy.

So here we are in nearly the middle of the city with the poop of indeterminate origin, the garbage, the terrible city services (our Mayor twittered about how to get rid of the tabloid newspaper that makes up a large part of that garbage flying around the streets), and DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE MEXICANS.

Here's another funny quote from something on a real-estate blog: "If ever I miss San Francisco, I will take a dump on my own doorstep and write myself a parking ticket." For a few months after we bought I couldn't go to real-estate blogs for fear of seeing something horrible like prices had fallen even further. I can go now that rates are up (and prices too!).

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