I've been kicking around the idea of a site where you could be transported back in time to what was being released a year ago. Of all the products I buy, video games seem to have the greatest run up and fall in prices. So I figured it'd be interesting to see what that would look like if I could automatically roll back the clock when you visited.

The site I made is called Old Bits and it's simply a way to see what was being released last year, two years ago, and three years ago. You can also navigate forwards and backwards week by week.

You can follow the Twitter account @old_bits where I will send a weekly update.

I'd love to hear any and all feedback.

Mike now has a weblog where his lawyer Gabe attempts to answer questions about Mike's employees and how much he is permitted to torture them. It's called My Lawyer Gabe and it's really funny!

Japanse Company Uses Elderly Man To Model Clothes. I think what I love most about this is his expression and the way he carries himself changes depending on which outfit he's wearing. He absolutely loves (and looks good in) some, but completely ridiculous in others.

via the @AwesomeRobot.

Greg Knauss writes so many good things that I want to link to them every time he does. This one was just too good not to post.

The Last Straw