A thread on MacRumors after the launch of the original iPod in 2001.

What I find most interesting about this thread is how ignorant people were of what Apple was really doing. Given the launch of the iPad, we're all a bit wiser (we'd like to think) of what Apple intends on doing with the device, so this time the arguments aren't just about how limited the device is in hardware features, but how closed the thing is to anything not approved by Apple.

I'm staying out of this whole iPad debate because I find the entire thing a colossal waste of energy. I am in the middle of trying to launch this company, get work, and adjust to my new life. The last thing I care to fixate on is what Apple does with Apple's money to make money.

I am a zealot about me, and less about standards, DRM, or whatever argument of the day is. Perhaps I'll regret it later, but for now it's fun to watch this stuff play out. Mostly I think because it's not a major investment, something I'd really like to try out at our house, and like the AppleTV won't be the only game in town for very long.

before this i wrote boom! after this i wrote it's time to leave los angeles


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