Here are some free, clean looking icons for you to download.

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Just a reminder: I'm writing another weblog over here. It's documenting my year of only listening to music from 2010 and I would love any suggestions you have.

An astronaut on the International Space Station is taking pictures of the Earth and sending them to Twitpic.

Here's a nice map of privately owned public spaces in SF.

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Two recent posts about punishing a large group over one person (or company's) actions:

First Derek Siver's post titled "Resist the urge to punish everyone for one person's mistake".

Next John Scalzi's post about Amazon's actions this past weekend regarding the Macmillan pricing disagreement. Don't let the unfortunate use of the word "fail" here discourage you from reading it.

I had to turn in my computer from my old job, so this weekend, against my better judgement and facts, I bought a new Macbook Pro. Here's a list of things I had to install on it:

I'd heard a bit about this but wasn't sure if it was going to be something like a "Jackass Guide To Finding Good Drugs In Liberia". Last night I saw CNN is running a special where they present some of the stories, so I figured it must be worth looking into and it was. I was only going to watch a couple of parts before I went to bed and ended up watching the whole thing.

I should warn you, it is extremely graphic and sad.

The Vice Guide To Liberia

A $21 blueberry facial for your dog.