This comment on Metafilter outlines from the inside how a successful hardware company can fail by focusing on short-term budget goals. The example of diverting phone calls to a certain customer support department because it saves you $2.47 is the sort of thinking that gets someone a bonus for the quarter because they hit their number. What a waste.

It also reminded me of a series of calls I made to Apple support in the early 2000's where I was mocked, hung up on, and finally, after many calls was able to get my computer fixed. Does anyone remember the joke that was Apple customer support?

The other bit in that comment that sticks out is how (the poster's estimation) 90% of the calls were actually software (Windows) related. Doomed from the start.

Dear Friends,

I've been away for a while, but now I'm back. Here is what happened:

  1. I left my job at Federated Media.
  2. I started doing client work.
  3. I realized I dislike client work. The "client" part of client work.
  4. I worked on a secret project for someone else to be announced in a month. Kind of like client work but without jerky clients.
  5. Made enough money the past few months to take a stab at a real-live start up with my wife.

PLEASE sign up for the Friends of Simpleform list. I promise there is very good news coming soon (like tomorrow).