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I'm so curious how this board actually rides. The wheels + bearings must make it weigh a ton, and all those wheels seem like it wouldn't go very fast because of the varying friction. Still, I'd love to try it here in SF.

Found this on Laughing Squid.

I probably don't understand the iPhone 4 antenna attenuation issue (I barely get Photoshop) but…


The internal layout likely dictates why the antenna has the break below rather than above—meaning they needed space for the camera—but still, I was holding my phone and I noticed my finger never goes between those buttons.

Update: Turns out you can't have an antenna at the top of the phone.

Justin Watt, one of the finest engineers at Federated Media (and one of the best I ever worked with), is headed out on a trip around the world with his girlfriend Stephanie.

The best part, and something that is typical of Justin and Stephanie's attitudes in life, is they don't really have an end date planned.

While I don't think I ever had the courage to quit my job and set sail around the world, I feel pretty cool to know some people who are actually doing it. I do hope they can blog it all.

Geeking out with this, but here's an idea on how templates and the template languages should do date formatting. Instead of requiring me to type (and remember) something cryptic like:

"%A %d %B %Y %I:%M%p"

I should be able to type something like this:

"Monday 12 July 2010 02:30PM"

And the formatter be smart enough to figure out that the first word is obviously a day name, the next number a day of the month since you wouldn't put a bare year after a day name, the month, the full year, and then following that is obviously a time.

So tired of looking up date formatting strings for every framework and language.