The purchase of Techcrunch.

The profile of Nick Denton.

I never understood NY's envy over Silicon Valley's tech culture.

William Gibson's latest book "Zero History" is being released tomorrow. In anticipation I've been reading through the previous two novels in the trilogy. And once again I'm looking at the Buzz Rickson flight jackets. If San Francisco ever got cold enough to wear these I'd probably buy one today.

I'm giving Apple's new product Ping a try. For no reason other than I hope they do implement these things, here is a few stuff I wish it would do.

  • Keep track of every song I listen to and post it someplace with charts and shit. I still have to use
  • An open REST API so I can pull that data or permit other applications to pull that data.
  • Treat my collection as one group, not of stuff I bought from iTunes and stuff I didn't buy from iTunes.
  • I don't want to like someone's like.

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