I switch browsers every year or so. Last year Chrome was my default browser after switching from Firefox (which had become achingly slow), and I switched from Chrome to Safari because it supported 1Password. While Chrome now supports 1Password integration, I am happy with Safari and don't see a reason to change.

The only thing I miss from Firefox is the Merge All Windows function. You could hit “⌘-SHIFT-M” and all your windows would be gathered in one window with tabs. (Though, now I can't find this feature and I'm wondering if it was a plugin I'd used.)

Safari has this feature, but not accessible with Keyboard Shortcuts. Here is the menu as it looks before you do this. The option is there, but you have to grab your mouse and select from the menu.

exciting graphic

By the way, this also doubles as a tutorial for adding command keys to any application's menu (as far as I know) in OS X.

Open up System Preferences and choose "Keyboard" and then hit the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab.

I have to admit, I had no idea I could do this until a year or so ago.

Select the little plus sign in the center of the window and in the popup select Safari for the application and type "Merge All Windows" (the wording is important) for the Menu Title.

So tempted to start adding command keys to every app. Must. Not Fiddle.

For the Keyboard Shortcut box, simply type the shortcut “⌘-SHIFT-M” and it will fill it in for you.

Click "Add" and now head back to Safari. Your new Keyboard Shortcut is now in place.

I love my computer.

Something interesting happened on TV recently and NOBODY NOTICED except Kevin.


When Steve at Coudal.com asked me to be the guest editor for links I was initially hesitant. I used to consider myself a pretty good source for finding interesting stuff. My day was so predictable that I knew I'd have an hour or so in the morning to check my newsreader before meetings started. An hour or so during meetings to check again. And maybe during a few minutes in between meetings I'd write a quick blog post about something interesting I'd seen.

When I left my job in January so did my free time in between meetings. Now every day is a race to see how much work I can cram into the 8 hours or so I have to work before running home to make dinner, clean up, and get to bed.

So for the next month I've carved an hour or so into my schedule to get back into gathering links. I've missed out on so much good stuff, both software related and otherwise that I'm hoping November will turn out to be very productive for this old weblog of mine.

Wow, this is what EC2 was made for: Bees With Machine Guns, described as a "low-cost, distributed load testing using EC2"