San Francisco: We have a parade for that.
San Francisco: That’s illegal, unless you stand over there.
San Francisco: That’s a great idea! (thinking to self: That is terrible.)
San Francisco: So passive-aggressive about the homeless we passed a LAW that you couldn’t lay down on the sidewalk. Be homeless! Just not near me.
San Francisco: Complaining about MUNI on Twitter will eventually fix it.
San Francisco: Uh, San Leandro isn't “SF”.
San Francisco: Boo Los Angeles! Boooooo! … Hey guys, you're supposed to yell ‘boo’ back. Guys? … Ugh! We hate you!
San Francisco: It’s FREEEZING COLD! (It’s 40°).
San Francisco: We have the best earthquakes maybe.
San Francisco: I like it. We own a small piece of it. And we’re raising a kid here. And while it has so many odd things going on with it, there are a lot of good things too. Ample, accessible parks. Great hospitals. Not just museums, a comic book museum! You can ride a train to so many movie theaters (one with IMAX). I walk to work. You run into friends often. And making plans to meet up someplace (provided MUNI goes there) is pretty easy.

And yes, if you want to just be yourself and that self is something that would get you jeered or beaten or cast out by another city, well, we probably have a parade for it.

before this i wrote closing g+ after this i wrote sunday morning hack


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